Der Veranstaltungskalender für die Dreiländerregion

arts & craft Party

Freitag | 02.12.2022, 06:00 Uhr

Emil Zittau
Emil e.V.
Kunst & Ausstellungen
Mandauer Berg 13, 02763 Zittau, Deutschland

On the 2nd of December we invite you to design together at the EMIL from 6pm. We want to give you the opportunity to live creativity in a safe space, free from racims, queer hostility and hatred beyond (cultural) borders. We got both German and Ukrainian magazines and other stuff for arts and crafts to greate collages. The created works of art will then be exhibited in the Wächterhaus. The "Cafe EMIL" and "Zittau Vegan" will take care of snacks and drinks while Ronny van Kahn will play music for you.

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