Der Veranstaltungskalender für die Dreiländerregion


Donnerstag | 17.03.2022, 18:00 Uhr

Kunstbauerkino Großhennersdorf
Am Sportpl. 3, 02747 Herrnhut, Deutschland
6.00€ / 5.00€

Shane MacGowan is not only legendary frontman for the band The Pogues, but also poet, rebel und punk, through and through. As with many extremely talented people, this gifted songwriter also has a tendency for self-destruction. Once he moved from Ireland to London and shook up the budding punk movement with a good portion of Irish folk. Shane was able, with his music, to give his people a voice in the heyday of the Northern Ireland conflict. In spite of his rowdiness and hard outer shell, his "Fairytale of New York" became one of the most-heard Christmas songs in Britain of the 21st century. The filmmaker Julien Temple has created a memorial to this punk singer using archival reels and previously unreleased photo material.

With additional live program highlights!

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