The calendar of events for the three-country region

19th Neisse Film Festival - Concert: DakhaBrakha

Friday | 20.05.2022, 20:00 Uhr

Kühlhaus Görlitz
Neiße Filmfestival
Am Bahnhof Weinhübel 902, 02827 Görlitz, Deutschland
VVK: 24,00 €
24€ / €

"DakhaBrakha" - The name of this quartett, founded in 2004 in the "DAKH" Centre for Modern Arts in Kiev by the avantgarde theatre director Vladyslav Troitskiy, is taken from the old Ukrainian language and stands for "giving and taking". Using traditional melodies and modern soundscapes, this band creates a mysterious-feeling musical universe. It unites folk and beat, jazz and trance, urbanity and country living. Carried by drums and cellos, the band plays a self-named "ethno-chaos" which has been acclaimed and celebrated enthusiastically at hundreds of concerts worldwide. Their trademark is their tall black hats made of lamb's wool. Thanks to their aggressive sounds, ritual tribal rhythms and frenzied vocals, their performances convey the power and sensuality of eastern Europe's folklore, interpreted by a fascinating and spectacular band.

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