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Ba naopank - concert

Kulturní centrum Turnov, s.r.o.

311 Markova

Admission: dobrovloné The psycho-punk-pop quintet from Turnov was formed in 2009 in response to the pre-death stupor of the local music scene. Each of its punchy songs is like a defibrillation blast delivered to the failing heart of Bohemian Paradise. The electrifying commitment, injection of vivacity and scalpel of wit will make even the coldest of layabouts stand up and cackle. The evening's moment of post-poetry will be complemented by a video projection of clips created with the help of artificial intelligence by VJ Bgr. Members. Matěj Hajn - well laid guitar of many flavours and colours, vocal and roar Emil Markotić - guitar like a pet with lots of boxes Jan Dekány - surgically precise bass guitar, vocal and roar Pavel Uchytil - energetic drums and mallet throwing

The band Ba naopank will play at the Yellow Blue Cat festival.

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