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The power rock trio got together in the Danish town of Thisted in 2002. Its founding members Martin J. Andersen (guitar, vocals) and Jesper Bunk (bass) had worked together in several bands of various genres, even spending a few months in California recording studios, where they worked with George Clinton, Billy Preston and Bobby Womack, among others. By then they already had a very clear idea of their own music: energetic hard blues rock, characterized by a certain amount of improvisation and a prominent role for the protagonist's guitar solo. They were inspired by the guitar rock of the late 60s and early 70s - namely guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Frank Marino, Black Sabbath, Mountain and Funkadelic. The first album "Manifesto", intended only for the Danish market, didn't take long to arrive. An important moment in the band's career was the signing of a contract with the major American label Grooveyard Records, which specialises exclusively in harder music based on a solid blues foundation. The label released their second album "Freedom's Calling" in 2008, followed by a re-release of the first album enriched with previously unreleased bonus tracks. And so it has come to pass that all albums by Danish musicians are now available for worldwide distribution. The career highlight so far for the trio of excellent musicians has been their association with Walter Trout, whose backing band they formed in late 2020-21. This collaboration was instrumental in the sound and style of their tenth album, "Scars to Remember", which was released in the summer of 2023 on Mighty Music. Incidentally, Walter's son, drummer Biskit Braendgaard, will be "unplugging" the February Czech tour. The activities of the main protagonist Martin J. Andersen are not only focused on Blindstone. He has also worked with Meridian, The Affair, Mountain Of Power, Blindside Blues Band etc. as a singer and guitarist, composer, recording engineer and producer. He has also released two solo albums. One review says: "Blindstone is the future of blues rock and its frontman a hero of modern times. Period." Is that really true? You can see for yourself. "We love playing with you and look forward to presenting our new repertoire to you." Preview of the new album Preview of the collaboration with Walter Trout

"Scars To Remember" Tour 2024 - a fresh serving of earthy blues for hard rock fans too.

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