The calendar of events for the three-country region


Sunday | 01.05.2022, 07:00 Uhr

Trixi Ferienpark Großschönau
Trixi Ferienpark Zittauer Gebirge
Jonsdorfer Str. 40, 02779 Großschönau, Deutschland
For this festival we have various ticket options (e.g. all-day; festival), but you can get an individual offer as well. Tickets available at

Our Feel-Good-Fes­ti­val is an experience with extraordinary people who show you practical methods to access more well-being in your life. In small groups you will find insights, methods and techniques which will support you along your way to your self and to realising your dreams and goals.

Meet and interact with others of like mind and let yourself be taken to a place of more liveliness, be-ing and consciousness.

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