Cabaret "Looking for a woman to get carried away"

12 Theaterring

Cabaret with Glenn Langhorst (in German language)

You can expect a very entertaining parody of the sometimes complicated interpersonal relationships of our time. There's a lot to laugh about and the best thing is: at the end of the show, the "Honey, we talked about it..." effect will finally be a thing of the past.

“Looking for a woman to get carried away” is a program about the most amazing people in the world – about women. It's a show between stand-up comedy and everyday cabaret with a dash of literature.

As a man, have you ever asked yourself why, when you have an argument with your wife, you always have to communicate your arguments to your husband so that at least some of the information sticks with him after the conversation?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions or just want to have a very, very fun evening, you should definitely take part in this pointed journey through the colorful world of interpersonal relationships.‎

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