Play for youth 12 and up by Marisa Wendt (in German language)

Lissi is 16 years old and runs her own YouTube channel. Her videos are mostly about practical, uncomplicated, yet glamorous makeup tutorials. Even though Lissi is a typical teenager who deals with issues that concern most teenagers - love, parents, school - there is one thing that is completely different: she lives in a war zone. Instead of eye shadow from the drugstore, she has mixtures of nutmeg, margarine, ash, cinnamon and whatever else is available. Instead of shopping, she needs creativity. Lissi claims a normality that basically no longer exists. And yet she manages to remain positive despite the increasingly intense bombing raids. She seems to give unflinching tips on how to use glitter and make-up to beautify yourself and the world, whether wounded or unharmed.

In contrast to her make-up, her world is gradually crumbling more and more. Does she leave the city with her crush and start a life in the middle of nowhere, without her parents and her YouTube community? Or is she trying to follow her brother, who already lives in safety in the “land where chocolate milk and honey flows”? Or does everything turn out completely differently in the end? One thing seems to be reliable in any case: “Lissi from the front, live and with paint, sponge and brush!”

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