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Halina Pawlowska - Manual for mature women

7 Jiráskova
Jablonec nad Nisou

Do you want to be adored, beautiful, eternally young? Listen to the love stories that inspire you, laugh at the erotic experiences of others, ask yourself all the questions that interest you and get advice! And above all, come and laugh! The Mature Woman's Manual is intended for women from twelve to one hundred years of age, but it is also for men, because thanks to the manual they will better understand their partners and maybe even themselves. There is nothing wrong with being a mature woman, although the word "mature" reminds me of cheese, where it is high time to consume it...
Maturity is wonderful! Either for the reason that you can congratulate yourself for having lived to a good number of years, or because, although you are still very young, you are an individual with a wise view of the world.

Unique talk show host Halina Pawlowska is a writer and screenwriter, but also an excellent storyteller. Her tour shows are packed with humour and she is not afraid of discussions with the audience. Her shows have an excellent audience response.

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