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Is this already Extremism?

Thursday | 17.03.2022, 19:00 Uhr

Kronenkino (cinema, events)
Hillersche Villa
Äußere Weberstraße 17, 02763 Zittau, Deutschland
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Although broad portions of the population agree about recognizing and defending democracy, the topic of extremism regularly makes for heated discussions: what does "extremist" actually mean? Can we compare right-wing and left-wing extremism? And - is the AfD a right-wing party? The answers to these questions concern all of us. Because the wa yin which we percieve and interact or deal with extremist trends influences our society. And the separation between democracy and extremism constitutes the key basis for the political and social handling of antidemocratic phenomena.

Together with the political scientists Tom Thieme and Christoph Meißelbach, we want to take concrete examples and discuss, "Is this already extremism?". Tom Thieme has been Professor of Socio-political Education at the Saxon Police Academy since 2017. He has dedicated nearly two decades to the topics of right-wing extremism, left-wing extremism and Islamism in Germany and Europe. Like Prof. Thieme, Dr. Christoph Meißelbach of Dresden has been researching at the newly-founded Saxon Institute for Police and Security Research (SIPS) since 2020.

Both experts will provide current perspectives on the topic and go into ideologies, strategies and actions. The focus is on the situation in Saxony. The following questions will be addressed: How do the extremists appear nowadays? How are they trying to undermine democratic core values? What movements are there which are classified as extremist? And what can be done on socially and politically against extremism? The discussion following will be moderated by Bernd Stracke and Ulrike Geißler of Institut B3. The Institut B3 (Verein für Beratung, Begleitung und Bildung) in Dresden is all about strengthening the democratic culture in that people are actively included in the process on a local level.

Experts: Prof. Dr. Tom Thieme, Saxon Police Academy (FH), Rothenburg

Moderation: Institut für Beratung, Begleitung und Bildung

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