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Saturday | 18.03.2023, 09:00 Uhr

Glass-Making History Museum, Nový Bor
Sklářské muzeum Nový Bor
nám. Míru 105, 473 01 Nový Bor, Tschechien

Ivan Kubela comes from a family of glassmakers, he graduated from the local glass school and has been working in his craft since 1978. He started in the Hantich glassworks and in 1990 he opened his own glass studio. Since the early 1990s, his professional life has been linked to the famous Ajeto glassworks in Lindava. His connection with the architect and designer Bořek Šípek can be called fundamental or even fatal. They met for the first time in 1986 and since the 1990s they have worked together intensively. The immediacy, freedom and imagination of Bořek Šípek have thus materialized under the hands of Ivan Kubela for years. In 2008, their cooperation resulted in the establishment of an art glass studio in the Anežka glassworks. Since 2021, Ivan Kubela has been working at the Ajeto Lindava glassworks as a glassmaker. The exhibition in the Nový Bor Museum is Kubela's first solo exhibition. He presents not only works based on Šípek's designs, but also his own designs. The unique "Elusive" vase, designed by Václav Havel for Bořek Šípek's 55th birthday, will also be on display. Come and see great craftsmanship performed by the charismatic master glassmaker Ivan Kubela, who will celebrate his anniversary on 17 March, the day of the opening.

The Nový Bor Glass Museum has prepared an exhibition to celebrate the life anniversary of Nový Bor native, glass master Ivan Kubela.

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