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Jablonec nad Nisou

After ten years, the "Drumming Syndrome" project is releasing a new medium - a USB stick with three hours of Drumming Syndrome videos and a 30-page booklet with a comprehensive biography and historical photos. This album, entitled "10th Anniversary Compilation", is also the main theme of the Drumming Syndrome 2023 concerts, where it will be christened. They will present a special program split into two parts, where you can look forward to distinctively arranged rock and metal world hits, drum solos, movie soundtracks, unplugged interludes and forays into other music genres. The high playing technique and the experience from performances with e.g. Michal Pavlíček, Kamil Střihavka,, Daniel Landa, BSP or Gus G. and the drumming at this concert around the world promise an extraordinary musical experience. Expect an original, explosive and extremely energetic performance!

Metal Dymytry drummer Milos Meier invites you to a performance of his drumming one-man show.

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