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Rudolf Vago: Landscapes from Europe and home Tuscany, Baltic, Lofoten Islands, Czech Republic

Kulturní centrum Turnov, s.r.o.

311 Markova

On Wednesday, 14 February, from 17:00, the opening of the Rudolf Vágo exhibition will take place in the premises of the Turnov shooting range: Landscapes from Europe and Home. Tuscany, Baltic, Lofoten, Czech Republic. Entrance is free. The exhibition will be open until 26/3 2024: Mgr. Mgr. Rudolf Vágo Born in 1946 in Ústí nad Labem. Graduated from secondary school in Ústí (then SVVŠ, now gymnasium). In 1970 he graduated from the Faculty of Education of J. E. Purkyně University. "I became interested in photography when I was about 14 years old. My father, who had been a passionate photographer since the First Republic, brought me to it. He gave me an Altix film camera and later, for my birthday, Santa gave me a Flexaret VI. My friend and I set up a photo chamber at the primary school where his parents were schoolteachers. Here we were getting into the secrets of analogue photography. While studying in college, I was a research assistant in photography. Apart from working for the department of education, I was involved in portraiture, music photography. I earned my income by photographing school classes and taking pictures at pioneer camps. Here, in my opinion, I have mastered the technique of analogue photography to the last detail. At that time I was a member of the Union of Czechoslovak Photographers. My first exhibited picture was a female portrait at the SČsF exhibition in Pardubice. After graduation I was denied to practice my profession according to my education (physics teacher). I started to work as a technician of hall computers at the Office Machines company. There, in the early eighties, I went abroad for professional training and I penetrated into street photography and started to photograph landscapes. After 1989, with the advent of the digital "age" I started with the Fujifilm S20, followed by the Canon EOS 40D, Canon EOS 20d, Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 5D. Currently I use Canon EOS R6 Mark II. SW - Lrc, Ps, Zoner X, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Luminar, Affinity. I take part in various photo expeditions, I travel around Europe for landscape photography, I have photographed street and architecture in New York twice. After hanging competitions abroad in 2021-2023, my images have been exhibited (print and digi form) in many photo galleries of big cities. Limasol, Philadelphia, Melbourne, Barcelona, Bogota, Budapest, Berlin, San Diego, Chicago, Hanoi, Stockholm, London, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Manila, Mexico City, New Delhi, New York. Nowadays I am more into creative photography rather than descriptive photography, I like minimalism and B&W.

Kultura Turnov, Fotoklub Safír Turnov and Fotostudio BJ invite you to another photographic exhibition.

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