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City fires before the fire department was founded

550 years ago, on July 22, 1473, a fire broke out in the house of the butcher Oswald Just on the Neustadt. The flames quickly spread to the surrounding buildings. Attempts to extinguish the fire had no effect because the wooden water sprayers used only had a short range. Soon the entire district between the monastery and today's Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße was in ruins, and even the fields up to Eckartsberg burned. In order to prevent such disasters in the future, the city council issued so-called fire regulations. The extinguishing equipment also underwent technical improvements, and the city purchased fire and hand pressure sprayers in order to be able to fight city fires effectively.

History of the Zittau fire department from 1862

On March 7, 1863, Mayor Haberkorn officially signed up 44 comrades from the “Gymnast, Firefighting and Rescue Corps,” which had already emerged from the Zittau gymnastics club a year earlier. The team size grew quickly. A fire station was built on the Neustadt as a quarter and base. The Zittau fire department received new and modern equipment such as spray syringes and ladder trucks. Motorized vehicles soon became part of their operational equipment. Under leaders like Buddeberg and Könitzer, the fire department grew into a modern institution that already maintained effective cooperation with the region's fire departments from a very early stage.

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